5&33 Gallery

Top level exhibitions from some of the finest contemporary artists. As a guest of art'otel amsterdam, you have exclusive on-site access to our exhibitions, which live in the public 5&33 Gallery

Last exhibition: Aleksander Willemse 

The 5&33 Gallery is a unique space for contemporary artists to showcase their work throughout the year. From colourful pop art to edgy street art, from intriguing portrait series to documentary formats, this public gallery gives space to varying styles of modern art – and that throughout the year!

– April 29 | Aleksander Willemse 
5&33 Gallery presented the ‘Dare to Love’ exposition from local Dutch painter Aleksander Willemse in collaboration with Eduard Planting Gallery. Aleksander strived to ‘mask’ all the badness in the world offering the spectator his ‘feel-good’ art.

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