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Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Time: 11AM-11PM

Location: art'otel Amsterdam
Admission: Free

Curated and produced by Amsterdam Street Art

An association of artronomers has convened to listen to the plan of Professor Aemstellodami, to fly to the moon. Most of the preparation for the trip is in building the vessel and launching mechanism, which resemble a large bullet and a large gun respectively. Hitting the moon in the eye, the artronomers land safely at their destination. Much about the moon is wonderful and fantastical but also life threatening. A raw and extraordinary story told by eight artronomers through colorful layered pieces of art accompanied by industrial elements and unknown species. From Burning Man festival, to Wastelands, and even the Berlin Urban Art Fair, the exhibition will feature a few highly recognised art pieces, and artists, as well as emerging artists and bespoke pieces created especially for this exhibit.