Sober Industries

Time: all day

Location: 5&33 Gallery
Admission: Free

28 September - 15 November 2018

On September 28th, 2018, Sober Industries celebrate their 10th year anniversary with the opening of the exhibition, an exploration of art, science and technology.

Renowned for projection mapping installations, sculptures and laser-cutting artworks. Founder Tim Boin of Sober industries initiated the public art projects under the name Sober Walls. With the ambition is to bring quality Street Art made by the best international Street Art artists across the globe. The first edition of the project was successfully launched in 2017, in their home town of Rotterdam.

Working with ARTPOP, a creative program for artists, brands and innovative industries to embark in the heart of Amsterdam, collectively with the art’otel amsterdam, Sober Industries will be showcasing works at the 5&33 Gallery from late September through till mid-November.

For this coming exhibition, Sober Collectives include works from: Mossy Giant, Nuno Viegas, Vesod, DOES, Amok Island, Tim Boin, TelmoMiel, Natalia Rak, Aaron Li Hill, Dulk, Said Kinos, Deih, Joram Roukes, London Police, Stacii Samidin , 1010, DAIM and Kaili Smith