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Green Globe

Green care is our social responsibility

At art’otel amsterdam we care about our guests as well as about the physical environment and the social environment in which we operate. We can and will help our guests, our industry and our environment by accommodating the growth in global travelers in a sustainable way. Our employees and suppliers demonstrate care for the environment and society and we are continuously working on improvement in terms of water, waste and energy.

Because this is a collaborative effort we have developed our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy: TREE – Total Responsibility for Everyone’s Environment. We have made a commitment to reducing consumption of natural resources, waste and CO2 emissions and take care of our employees through learning and development. We ask our suppliers to subscribe to our CSR philosophy. This is not a short-term exercise for us and we will continue to inspire our guests, our team members and all those who interact with us to make our industry more sustainable.

Green Globe certified
art’otel amsterdam is delighted to be Green Globe certified.
Green Globe is the premier global certification for sustainable tourism in more than 90 countries. Green Label Service, sustainability consultants for the hospitality sector, guide us during the certification process. Green Globe partners save energy and water resources, reduce operational costs, and positively contribute to local communities and their environment. Furthermore, members also enjoy promotion of their businesses to the world-wide market of leisure & corporate travelers as well as meeting planners all looking for sustainable travel options.

We are proud to support social initiatives such as Pink Ribbon, Movember and the KiKa Foundation. Furthermore, here you will find some examples of actions which have been implemented in our hotel – but not limited to:
– We have our own rental bikes
– Led TV’s in the hotel rooms
– Energy key cards for hotel rooms to avoid unnecessary use of electricity
– Our Elemis amenities (shampoo, shower gel etc.) are human and environment friendly
– We protect the cultural heritage due to our monumental building

Guests are informed about water and energy conservation, adequate waste management, and rational use practices
‘You can help us to create a greener world!
Every day hotels around the world wash towels, very often unnecessarily. This not only wastes a considerable amount of water, but also pollutes our rivers and seas with detergents. Please help us to preserve our beautiful planet. If you wish to cooperate, we kindly ask you to hang up any towels that you wish to re-use. Towels placed on the floor will be washed. If you choose to re-use your linen after 3 nights you will receive a discount at the restaurant or you can donate to a good cause.

If you would like to read more about our sustainability policy, please visit our website

Thank you very much and we wish you an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Warm regards,

art’otel amsterdam team